Week 4 Student Athlete Spotlight: Cj Kirwan of Christian H.S.

When he crossed passed computers in the media room, he brought it with him. As expected.

When he walked into room 904, he brought it with him. Not so strange, but not typical either.

When he drove the desert, climbed the rocks, and dove into wild streams, there it was, he too brought it with him. Expected, executed, captured.

But in the middle of this turf field, on this hot Wednesday afternoon, in full pads, shiny white helmet with the Chick-Fil-A sticker, and perfectly bandaged arm, he brought it with him.

Or gave it to his father to do the business with this time…even if he didn’t know every button.

That’s why Christian high School linebacker Cj Kirwan is lying on his back, stretched out…with that handheld camera he’s known for more than two class presidencies or his football chops.

There goes the creator, director, and actor of CK Films.

"It’s my company," Kirwan said. "I like to make short films."

The sculpted inside linebacker says this in his battle regalia, but earlier in the day he’s in a more typical Cj outfit – a deep gray CK Films shirt. He’s a man that understands branding – every video gets a sparkle of the now infamous logo around the El Cajon campus.

"He’s so creative," video production teacher Michael Swift said. "He’s a self starter…and [has risen] above the rest."

There’s so much time spent crafting cinema, it’s hard to find where Cj slides in his other school wide occupation, being ASB president.

"For some kids you would call it over committed," ASB advisor Shannon Beezer said. "On Cj, we just call it impressive."

He’s also not afraid to break the fourth wall. Your subject of the article is doing what any daring young filmmaker would – make the author of the subject…the subject.

"I’ve been filming you in my classes," Kirwan said. "And I’m filming you now."

And to our left, there’s that dad…and that camera.

Like I said, he brought it with him.

To view Cj’s version of our time together: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJljGd38CYg

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