Week 4 Student-Athlete Spotlight: Jake Zimmerman, Escondido Charter

If you have ever taken a drive on East Valley Parkway, you might assume the tan two story building with statues adorning the driveway was either a misplaced mansion, a fancy hotel, or a museum dedicated to the American spirit.

But Escondido Charter is a place that defies the norm, from benches where Honest Abe sits next to you, walls with ivy Wrigley Field would be jealous of, and a library featuring books than span from almanacs to Ann Coulter.

When you enter the field, there’s a sign: "Leave Your Egos Here."

No one had to drill that message into Jake Zimmerman. No reason to. Not when the White Tigers receiver, safety and kicking specialist drags his sore body out on Saturday mornings to give food to the homeless. 

"[I like] really getting to know them on a personal level," Zimmerman said. "Being able to give them a decent meal and letting them have a place to be.

"I think it’s humbling to be able to see people that may not be in the best situations give you some perspective to how good you have it and to be grateful for what you have."

"I did not know that because Jake’s not the kind of person that would say that," coach and government teacher David Vidosic said. "Jake is very selfless."

He’s also a key member of all three phases of the ball. Already a power punching safety, a change in the offense means he gets to handle the ball more. His punting has reached new heights, and he’s worked with a variety of kickers to build strength and accuracy.

"Jake’s the hardest worker that I’ve ever coached," Vidosic said. "He is constantly working on making himself better both on the field and off of it." 

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