Week 5: How badly does your school want the Alarm Clock Pep Rally?

It is one of the most frequent emails I receive: “How can our school get to host an Alarm Clock Pep Rally?”

For those living under a rock, every Friday morning during the football season, Good Morning San Diego reporter Mike Castellucci takes his unique traveling circus to the campus of a San Diego County high school. Pep rallies are fun, but pep rallies with Mike Castellucci are off the charts hysterical.

If you've ever been part of one you know that I speak the truth. If you're one of the few human beings who've never experienced an Alarm Clock Pep Rally (either in person or on GMSD), I encourage you to visit the PPR website at www.kusi.com/ppr, or the Prep Pigskin Report page on Facebook. Mike's Alarm Clock Pep Rallies are as unique to San Diego as the Prep Pigskin Report itself.

So, with that in mind, we have decided to auction off the Halloween edition of the Alarm Clock Pep Rally. Specifically, Friday, October 28th. How much, you ask? Simply “like” your school's PPR Team Page and your school could host a “pep rally party” like no other.

Take a moment and go to the Prep Pigskin Report page on Facebook, click on the “PPR Team Pages” tab and find your school's page. We have Team Pages for all 100 high schools in San Diego County. Each page is filled with exclusive photos, highlights, features and PPR ‘HogCasts.' The pages are updated weekly with unique content designed to be of interest to your school. What's not to like?

At the moment, Carlsbad high school leads all schools with 241 “likes.” But, if your school really wants to host an Alarm Clock Pep Rally, that lead can be wiped out in less than an afternoon.

The deadline for the contest is 11:59pm on Thursday, Oct. 20th. Mike Castellucci will announce the winner during his Alarm Clock Pep Rally on Friday morning, October 21st. If for some reason your school has the most “likes” but can't honor the Oct. 28th date, we will go to the 2nd place finisher.

And, just in case you need any additional motivation, the Oct. 28th Alarm Clock Pep Rally will feature cameo appearances from all your favorite PPR reporters. Rick will be there, Stephanie, John, Shack, Brandon, and even your humble host (me) will all be part of the fun! It will be an Alarm Clock Pep Rally like no other, and it could be at your school! How badly do you want it?

May the pigskin breeze be always at your back!

Paul Rudy
Creator and Head Disciplinarian of the Prep Pigskin Report

Email me at ppr@kusi.com


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