Week 5 Pigskin Idol Journal: Joseph Hobson, Helix

When I first submitted my application to be chosen as a Pigskin Idol, I was so anxious, I kept checking my emails everyday to see if I had been chosen. A few weeks later, I read that I was chosen to be a Pigskin Idol, I was so thrilled! The process started the Wednesday before the game where I met Paul Rudy and the rest of the cast and had to opportunity to work with Paul, which I had a great time doing so. I instantly knew Friday was going to be even more fun. 

When Friday came, I knew it was time to begin everything.  I got to the stadium around 5:25 where I spent some time doing teasers,  taking pictures with fans, cheerleaders, and talking to the coaches When halftime came along, we decided who was going to be our Nelson Photo Player of the Game and came up with our postgame interview questions. This is where the fun starts. After having a  short conversation with a few players, I became less nervous about doing the interview, which turned out to be a success.

We went back to the station where Alyssa, Travis, and I, would begin going over plays for my segment. As soon as that was done, we began to write my full script, where I would be repeatedly practicing, after all, I was going to be on television…live! As I got mic’d up, I began getting even more and more anxious. When Alyssa told me it was time to go to the studio, I felt more ready than ever. As I got to the table, Paul asked if I was nervous and told me don’t be. He reassured me I was going to do great. After a few seconds of reading the plays and watching my interview, it was now questions about me: the easiest part. Everything went smooth and well and I had so much fun. The cast at KUSI were one of the most friendliest people I have ever met. It was great working with Alyssa, Travis, and Paul. If I could do this all over again I definitely would!

I had a blast being on the show and working with everyone. It was such an honor to be a PPR Pigskin Idol and I hope, to whoever is reading this, will have a great time and have as much fun as I did. Don’t be nervous, just relax, everything will be fine!

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