Week 5 Pigskin Idol: Ryan Roberson

Week 5 Pigskin Idol: Ryan Roberson

On September 23, 2016 I had the honor of being PPR’s week 5 Idol. Throughout my day I was super excited but nervous to be on live T.V. School just was not ending fast enough, I could not wait for the Friday Night Lights game, Clairemont vs Montgomery. 

I arrived at the game and I was so excited to meet the team I was working with, Alyssa and Travis. They are both so talented at what they do. Before the game even started Alyssa had me taking pictures with Clairemont’s student sections, cheerleaders, and filming my teasers for the show that night. Before I knew the exciting football game was over and we were rushing back to the station to edit and write the highlights. 

While Alyssa and Travis were working on the highlights I was practicing my scrip and trying to remain calm. Alyssa helped to prepare me for the show that night and kept me calm, but before I knew it the clock struck 11:15 and it was time for me to go out onto the PPR stage. During the broadcast I was a little nervous but I was having an amazing time. Paul Rudy is really funny and a great person to work with. 

I had a great time working with Allie Wagner, Alyssa, Travis and Paul Rudy. Thank you so much for this wonderful experience and thank you Alyssa for making my night super fun and something that I will never forget.

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