Week 5: Point Loma Pointers 41, Olympian Eagles 7

As week 5 of PPR comes to an end the Point Loma pointers come out with a win against the Olympian Eagles. It was a big night at Point Loma with their homecoming game and alumni night.

The Pointers start the game with a punt recovery thanks to #7 Tristan Shafer. We then see a nice run by #21 Kaden Gill as he runs for 19 yards. This puts the Pointers in good scoring position as quarterback Jason Peres throws to #7 Tristan Shafer for a 10 yard touchdown. This makes the score 7-0 Pointers.

In the second quarter Peres has another touchdown to Shafer for a 22 yard touchdown. Making the score 14-0 Point Loma. We then see a nice play by the Pointers where Peres tosses the ball to #5 Chris Brown and he throws it to #13 Kyle Campos for a 24 yard touchdown.

After the half we see #21 Kaden Gill get a 2 yard TD making the score 28-0 Pointers. Then we see the mighty Pointers score yet again this time thanks to quarterback Jason Peres running it in for a 1 yard touchdown.

The Olympian Eagles answer with a 78 yard touchdown from quarterback #6 Lukas Hamilton to #21 Anthony Gilpin Jr. Making the score 34-7 Point Loma still in the lead.

Then the Pointers put in Trey Cobb for quarterback and he has a nice pass to #7 Tristan Shafer for 28 yards. Then the Pointers give the ball to #21 Kaden Gill for a 3 yard touchdown. This makes the score 41-7 Pointers.

This will be the final 41-7 Point Loma. This was also a special game as it was Coach Hastings, head coach of Point Loma’s 150th win! This game made the Pointer record (2-3).

Preview – It is week 5 and a good game to watch is Point Loma vs Olympian. This isn’t any ordinary game for Point Loma it is their homecoming game. 


Point Loma Pointers’ record entering week 5 is (1-3) but so is the Olympian Eagles. The Pointers are coached by Mike Hastings, and this will be his 22nd year as head coach and 26th year at Point Loma. Some players to look for are senior Tristan Shafer (S-WR) who had seven interceptions last season and already has three this year. Another key player is Alejandro Barragan-Peterson (OL-DT), he has been very important on both sides of the ball. We can’t forget about Kaden Gill who helped lead the Pointer Offense in all purpose yards. 


The Olympian Eagles are lead by coach Ryan Van Nostrand. Coach Ryan Van Nostrand is a first year coach at Olympian taking over for his father. The Eagles’ quarterback is #6 Lukas Hamiltion. He has completed a total of 591 throwing yards this season. Another Eagle to look out for is #4 Daniel Humphrey, he has a total of 146 all purpose yards this season. 


Don’t miss this match up, as the two teams have the same record and have both beat a common opponent Ramona High School. Both of these teams are in Division two, a tough league. Kickoff is at 6:30 at the Pointer Land. 

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