Week 5 Student Athlete Spotlight: Anthony Barnum of Rancho Bernardo High School

12 feet.

It’s the total distance of tubing that makes a french horn.

It was also the distance between Anthony Barnum and the goal line in the Division II championship game.

If you don’t understand why the two belong in the same category, take a walk to the band room at Rancho Bernardo and lend your ear to a man of many talents.

"It’s the initial shock," Barnum said. "You’re not used to someone doing football, track and being in the band."

Playing french horn, running back and free safety is hard to pull off. While Barnum is practicing with the band four days a week, he only performs in spring and summer concerts.

"Everyone asks if [playing at halftime] is something I would do," Barnum said. "It would be very cool…but very tiring."

Could there be a day – maybe Senior Day – where the Bronco can shed the pads for 20 minutes and join his bandmates for a final encore?

"If he wants to, I’d be happy to," Rancho Bernardo coach Tristan McCoy said.

Musical talent is just one of his extracurricular specialties. While his 3.8 GPA easily clears the requirements, his parents have a different red line.  

"In order to do any sport, my parents say you have to have a 3.0 or higher," Barnum said. "My family has a really strong academic foundation."

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