Week 5 Student Athlete Spotlight: Michael Azevedo of Clairemont H.S.

"Grab the mic and do it!"

"I can’t…I don’t even know this song."

"Just do it…look, he’s asking for you!"

He hesitates, reads the room the same way he’s read defenses the last two seasons, and decides to strike.

The play call is simple…and perfect for his Circle of Friends.

"There’s always gonna be another mountain…I’m always gonna wanna make it move…"

As the sultry notes of Hannah Montana fill the room, consider it another conquest handled for Clairemont’s defender in Chieftan, Michael Avezedo.

After taking over the pool and the mat his first three years by the coast, the football field is his latest conquest – one that’s brought interest from all around the nation’s top schools.

The largest problem is what to do with a kid that’s got a lanky wrestler’s body with an added 50 pounds to the frame. Some schools see him as a defensive tackle. Others, an outside linebacker.

They definitely see him as a genuine human. It’s impossible not to after seeing him on the mic on a rainy Thursday, taking part in the Circle of Friends program that’s an important part of the Clairemont landscape. The program brings together special needs students with all parts of the Chieftan population. Football players are at the forefront of the program. If they’re humble enough and willing enough to reach out, that’s the message that goes to everyone else.

And if Michael keeps belting out Miley Cyrus tunes like this, he’ll have their ears.

"It’s the climb…."

It sure is.

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