Week 6: Bonita Vista Barons 21, Hilltop Lancers 28

The Hilltop Lancers defended their turf against the Bonita Vista Barons in a nail-biter game.

Barons, Darian Whaely gave Bonita an early league with a 30-yard touch-down run. 7-0 Barons.

Lancers, Jerimiah Serrano then tied it up for a two-yard touchdown run. 7-7 

Bonitas, Whaley striked again by outrunning defenders for a 65 yard touchdown run. Ending the first quarter with the Barons in the lead again. 17-7 Barons.

Lancers came back by utilizing Serano for a 4-yard touchdown run. Making the score tied again. 14-14

The Barons, will then take it all the way for a touchdown, but it will not be counted due to an unnecessary roughness penalty on the play. This will give Hilltop the advantage to score again. 

This time Lancers, Lai Zumstein will catch a 51-yard pass into the endzone, giving the Lancers their first lead in the game. 21-14 Lancers

Down into the last seconds Bonita and Hilltop fought their way onto the scoreboard, but Hilltop became victoroious in securing a home win. 28-21-Hilltop



The Hilltop Lancers will go face-to-face with the Bonita Vista Barons, this Friday. Both teams are currently ranked No. 1 in their respective leagues.

The Hilltop Lancers have a record of 4-1, as they host this weeks game. Hilltop just came back from their first loss of the season against Morse, (36-23). They are looking to bounce back this Friday.

The Barons are traveling across town in hopes of securing another win. Bonita Vista is currently ranked No. 1 in their league for the first time in years, giving them just the right boost of confidence. The team is 3-2.

Kickoff is at 7 p.m. on Hilltop Turf.

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