Week 6 Hog Blog: The All-PPR 20 Year Anniversary Team

Dear PPR Viewers:

This December 4th, The Prep Pigskin Report will host’s its 20th edition of the Silver Pigskin Gala. The affair will once again take place inside the hanger bay of the USS Midway Museum, and will feature a virtual “who’s who” of San Diego high school football.

But in light of the fact that we’ve exceeded all logical expectations (and somehow have managed to survive two decades on the air), we thought the 2018 Gala should have something special to commemorate its platinum anniversary. Something like the All-PPR 20 Year Anniversary Team.

Our first PPR broadcast aired in the fall of 1998. In the past 20 years we have witnessed hundreds of athletes earn football scholarships, and dozens achieve the ultimate goal of playing in the NFL. San Diego’s reputation as a football hotbed is well earned. But what if we could only pick one athlete, at one position, totaling 25 players. What would that team look like?

To answer that question, you first have to establish a judging criteria. What’s more important, a kid who makes it to the NFL or the kid who has a stellar prep career? Case in point: Helix High’s Alex Smith is still playing in the NFL, but didn’t even make our Silver Pigskin Podium. Ryan Lindley won the Prestigious Silver Pigskin in 2006, started as a freshman at San Diego State, but had a short NFL career. Which of those two gets the nod? Or what about Dillon Baxter or Abraham Muheize? How about DJ Busch or Braxton Burmeister? All four of those guys had bigger prep numbers than Smith and Lindley.

In the end, we decided there is only one judging criteria. To qualify for All-PPR 20 Year consideration, an athlete must merely have appeared once on the Prep Pigskin Report. If you played high football in San Diego County since the launch of the PPR (September 1998), and you made it on the highlights, features or postgame sound-bites, you’re eligible.

That means this All 20 year roster is going to be extremely subjective. I might value the guys who make it to the NFL, Rick Willis might be a stickler for the CIF record book, and Brandon Stone might lend more credence to the kids that made our podium. Bottom line – there is no easy way to make such a complicated evaluation. And here is another variable to consider: there is no avoiding log jams at certain positions. For example, if we can’t decide on two wide receivers, we might not dump the tight end and line-up in “trips”. Maybe we’ll even go with “10 Personnel” or maybe “20 Personnel”.

Ditto for the defense; the team could change depending on our front. 4-3 or 3-4? Or maybe we may pay homage to Rocky Long and pick a 3-3-5 defense! All that will be determined in a smoke-filled backroom here at PPR headquarters. One thing that won’t change is the “one player for one position” edict.

The purpose of this Hog Blog is to get your suggestions. The team will be picked internally but we certainly welcome your feedback. At my advanced age, memory is a sometime thing – sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Send an email to me at prudy@kusi.com, or text or DM to any of our KUSIPPR social platforms to tell me who and why. We plan to finalize the squad on November 1st, and then go public with our roster during the Gala broadcast. I’m sure we’ll try to invite as many of the All-PPR 20 Year team members to the show as well.

But allow me to conclude with this final thought. With a 25 man roster limit, there will be dozens of deserving athletes left off the team. Let’s keep things in perspective on social media, shall we? Every week I see folks lose perspective over something as simple as our weekly PPR Top 9 Poll. Let us congratulate the guys who make the team, and raise a glass to those that don’t. And remember – all angry correspondence goes to rwillis@kusi.com.

Don’t forget PPR week six starts with the Friday 6:00 am Alarm Clock Pep Rally at Grossmont high, followed by the PrePR at 5 pm at Mira Mesa high, the PPR 1st & 15 at 10:45 pm and then the granddaddy of them all, The Prep Pigskin Report at 11 pm. Don’t miss it!

Paul W. Rudy
Prep Pigskin Report

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