Week 6 Pigskin Idol Recap: Christopher Alvarado, Helix

The Week 6 PPR Pigskin Idol, Christopher Alvarado, wrote the following recap about his experience working on the Prep Pigskin Report:

First off I just want to thank you for the opportunity to be apart of this! I had an amazing experience being the Pigskin Idol for Week 6 and had an amazing time at the game and being
at the station. I got to meet Nic Pollino and share some fun moments with him at the game and in the studio. The most fun moment of the day I feel was either prepping what I was gonna say and looking at and editing film… or actually, being on air with Paul Rudy.

The one thing I am going to take from this is that I need to continue to put myself out there and explore different field of work because I highly enjoyed all the parts of interviewing players and reporting the game. One thing I would have changed from the night would have been taking it all in slower and enjoying the experience more because it went by so fast!

I learned also how amazing it is that after all games end the staff of PPR all work extremely hard to make their deadline by the start of the show. The games end at about 9 or so and the show starts at 11 so that is about 2 hours or less to put together all that we see! At the end of the day I had an awesome time and I am extremely grateful to have been the Pigskin Idol. I look forward to watching the show for the rest of the season and attending the Silver Pigskin Gala at the end of season!

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