Week 6: Southwest Raiders 27, Clairemont Chieftains 24

Who doesn’t love free football?!

The Clairemont Chieftains and the Southwest Raiders gave us all that and more as the two teams faced-off in an overtime battle in the South bay. The Raiders would make an exciting comeback to win it all in their first home victory of the season.

In the first half of this game the Chieftains dominated the Raiders making plays on long passes and quick drives. With running back Isaak Vilchis hurt, Justin Rice saw more playing time on the field and was first to light up the board with an 11-yard run into the end zone.

Next big play by Rice came with 3 minutes left in the first quarter. Its Raiders’ ball and Rice intercepts it in Clairemont territory. The Chiefs would score right there on the first play of the drive as Christensen tosses it long to Jesus Coronado taking the Chiefs up 14-0.

Then starting the second quarter with a quarterback keep, Southwest’s Daniel Carillo fumbles the ball causing an immediate turnover on downs.

Seven plays later and the Chiefs would score again when Max Wehsener rushes it in for a 1-yard touchdown.

Five turnovers and a few QB sacks and the boys sent us to halftime.

With no time to waste the Raiders score on the first drive of the third quarter. Birthday boy Ray Flores cuts the lead by 7 with a 14-yard touchdown run.

Another beautiful play by Ray Flores comes with three minutes left in the third as he races into the end zone for an 80-yard run taking the Raiders up 14-21.

We’re all knotted up in the fourth when Sebastian Valadez makes a 90-yard stride for the score.

At 21-21 and eight seconds left, it’s time for some free football.

Clairemont kicks a field goal to take the lead but it’s Ray Flores’ birthday and he’ll steal if he wants to.

With the game winning touchdown, Ray Flores makes his third score of the night and the Southwest Raiders send us home with a come-from-behind overtime victory against the Clairemont Chieftains.

Clairemont’s quarterback Ryan Christensen would make plenty of plays airing the ball out over 20 yards deep. The only problem is, half of those plays had no one on the receiving end to complete them.

But hat’s off to first-year Head Coach Desmond Rose who led the Chiefs in the first win-streak in Clairemont history in over 10 years. It’s an honorable mention for a 20-man roster – who started the season with a forced forfeit when they couldn’t field enough players – to go three games strong.

Southwest’s defensive linemen and secondary in Joel Salazar, Dylan Holguin, Angel Cerezo and Ruben Chamorro were pivotal players in this game often making critical stops and holding the impending Chiefs’ offense behind the line.

The Raiders’ Enrique Gonzales looked like a bulldozer speeding through any and all that came his way. Be sure to catch the PPR Raw highlights on Youtube to witness this all for yourselves.

Week 7! The Cheiftains will face off against rival school Mission Bay at 6pm, and the Raiders will meet with Holtville with a 7pm kickoff. You know where to find it.


The Clairemont Chieftains will visit the Southwest (San Diego) Raiders with a 7 p.m. kickoff this Friday night.

The Chieftains are coming off a Week 5 Homecoming game win against San Ysidro finishing them off with a final score of 60-20.

This team seemingly always finds ways to hold off their opponent and is showing flashes of a high-ranking defensive line. If the Chieftains can manage to score ahead of the Raiders on Friday’s matchup, it may just be that their defense can help them hold the lead.

Led by quarterback Ryan Christensen, and running backs Brayan Guerrero and Issak Vilchis, this small roster could be putting numbers on the scoreboard by way of short passes and long drives.

The Southwest (SD) Raiders got their first win on their record against O’Farrell Charter, 48-26, last week.

Having played a few high-ranked teams at the start of the season, this Friday’s game could be an even match with Daniel Carillo leading the way.

The offense seems to control the ball with power running plays. Look out for Ray Flores and Nathan Rosillo to move the Raiders down the field this Friday.

The Raiders are 0-2 at home and will be looking to carry the momentum of their big win last week into this next home game.

Look out for your game-day red jackets as we’ll be taking photos and videos in the bleachers and on the field of you, PPR nation.

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