Week 6: Serra Conquistadors 59, Fallbrook Warriors 0

As much as one’s beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, so may the beauty of streaks in this world of sports. Streaks can be fun — perhaps bewildering, even. They can also be something rather forgotten.

Friday’s match-up between the Fallbrook Warriors and Serra Conquistadors offered a bit of both views. The game ended dismally for the Warriors. Not only did Serra claim victory on the road, but it did so in a completely lopsided way: 59-0.

Two streaks are indeed hidden in that score.

Let’s look first at Serra’s, which is much easier to swallow. With the win, the Conquistadors (3-2) secured a third straight season in which the team has scored 50 or more points in at least one game. Looking deeper, in that time, Serra has accomplished that not just a handful of times but 11. The Conquistadors posted that 11th such win on Friday with the help of players like junior running back Dustin Ellison — who opened scoring early with a 50-yard burst into the end zone — junior wide receiver Willie Peterson, and senior quarterback Timmy Zebroski, who not only threw to Peterson for multiple touchdowns but also ran one into the end zone himself from 19  yards out in the second quarter.

Now that it’s clear how Serra snagged this one, it’s time to move on to the tougher of the two streaks brought out in this game.

With its loss, Fallbrook fell into territory it hasn’t been in since 2012. That’s the last time the Warriors started a season 0-6. A streak like that typically needs some context to understand, and Fallbrook’s is quite simple and revolves around its roster, which is only about 30 players deep. If fans thought things seemed quieter than usual at Fallbrook home game days at about 5 p.m., they’d be right, and here’s why: Fallbrook had so few sophomore-and-up players coming out to play this year that it nixed its JV team altogether.

But there’s bright light on the horizon, and the sun appears to be rising, not falling. Don’t expect that to mean things will be great for Fallbrook tomorrow, though. In fact, that sunrise, though visible, may be happening on another planet — a much larger one with longer, more-drawn-out sunrises. Before clicking the next story thinking this writer has stopped writing about football, think about one last streak, just for fun.

Fallbrook’s freshman team — stacked with around 42 players — is 6-0. The freshman team’s coach, Ryan Farish, said after the Warriors’ varsity squad lost that he sees an opportunity there for teams to come into Fallbrook and be scared to play. Fans may just have to wait a couple years.

If and when that does happen, the Prep Pigskin Report will be around to catch it in action. Until then, catch PPR action next week as Serra heads back home to host the 3-2 Coronado Islanders in Week 7, and Fallbrook looks to end its losing streak in a Week 7 home game against the 3-2 Valley Center Jaguars.


This Week 6 non-league match-up pits an 0-5 Fallbrook Warriors team against the 2-2 Serra Conquistadors.

Though Fallbrook will enter this game with the advantage of a home crowd, the momentum is clearly with Serra, which is riding the coattails of two straight victories in which the Conquistadors allowed only seven points each. The Warriors, meanwhile, have yet to win.

Perhaps the best indicator of what to expect in this one is the comparison of these teams’ performances against common opponents.

Both the Warriors and Conquistadors have faced the Del Norte Nighthawks and Scripps Ranch Falcons this season. The results, however, had more differences than similarities from these two teams’ perspectives.

Fallbrook, in its season-opening game, fell by a count of 44-0 to the Nighthawks. Contrast that with the 28-7 victory for the Conquistadors over Del Norte in Week 4 and the challenge for Fallbrook seems pretty clear.

Granted, both teams have been shut out by Scripps Ranch this season, but Serra showed its ability to hold a stronger team to fewer than 20 points in its 18-0 loss to the Falcons, while Fallbrook allowed 55 points to the same Scripps Ranch team.

But with the season at its halfway point and Fallbrook fighting for a taste of victory, don’t be surprised to see the Warriors try something different in Week 6, whether it’s shifting to a more aggressive offense or changing priorities on defense.

Catch highlights from this battle between the Warriors and Conquistadors, and others from around the county, on the next episode of the Prep Pigskin Report, starting at 11 p.m. Friday night on KUSI.

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