Week 6: Tri-City Christian Eagles 39, La Jolla Country Day Torreys 22

Week 6 wraps for the Prep Pigskin Report and the Eagles from Tri-City Christian Eagles can add another win to their record now 4-1.

La Jolla Country Day welcomed the Eagles this evening hoping to even out their record to 3-3 but with penalties being called on both sides of the ball it was no surprise that they fell short to the Eagles.

The Torreys started off with a great start scoring on their first drive and setting what looked to be an energized team. Going back and forth leading then tying the game the Eagles finally broke ahead when Christian Salibo scores his first touchdown of the night making the score 20-14. Phillip Gooding gets picked off not once but twice resulting in a field goal and touchdown.

Kiah Reed may be just a freshman but he sure knows how to lead his team, and scored 3 of the 5 touchdowns for the Eagles.

A huge 32 yard touchdown pass from Phillip Gooding to Trevor Ace brought the Torreys up and trailing by 8.

With all the penalties against both teams it’s a wonder either team had a chance in the red zone.

Heading into the 4th, Luis Martinez caught a bomb from Kiah Reed setting them up for another touchdown; this time ran in by Landon Navarro. A 20 yard field goal by Josh Brown to lock in the win 39-22 Eagles.

The Eagles will go on to play their first conference game of the season against Escondido Charter. The Torreys are looking for their third win this season in a conference game against Bishops.

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The Torreys from La Jolla Country Day (2-3) will be hosting the Tri-City Christian Eagles (3-1) during Week 6 of the Prep Pigskin Report.

The Torreys are looking to even out their record with a win against the Eagles this week.

Sophomore quarterback Phillip Gooding has thrown for 1,137 yards, over 200 yards per game. The Torreys definitely like to pass the ball, having two receivers with over 300 receiving yards each this season.

If you’re wondering how a team with these high of stats doesn’t have a winning record, take a look at their schedule to see the tough matches they’ve had to face.

The Eagles are coached by Shane Goodwin and have a winning record this season while at home, having their only loss on the road.

Tri-City is looking to gain another win while they face the Torreys.

While Eagles quarterback Kiah Reid has thrown for almost 100 yards per game, their run game is very strong.

Leading in rushing yards is Senior Christian Salibo, who already has 447 in just three games played. Salibo will be a dual threat playing both sides of the ball, with six tackles in two games. The Torreys will need guard Salibo if they want a win against the Eagles.

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