Week 6 Student Athlete Spotlight: Phillip Naseh of Valhalla High School

When Phillip Naseh does individual drills, the guy taking him through the paces went through the Student Athlete paces back in 2009 – Silver Pigskin finalist Pete Thomas.

"He was my idol back then," Naseh said.

If the trends continue, young kids will be saying that about Naseh – in his third year starting under center, sporting a healthy 4.1 GPA, and potentially going across the country to continue developing his body and his mind.

"I got to visit Harvard and Columbia as well as some other schools there," Naseh said. "I got to practice with them, meet the football team, and see how they do things there."

Naseh has been a quarterback since third grade. Coming from a military family, his discipline and attention to detail are well above the mean – and have kept him in the same spot for a decade.

"I try to get everything higher," Naseh said. "SAT was OK? Get it higher. Football was good? Make it better."

"He’s a quarterback, but he’s out there squatting as much as the lineman," Valhalla head coach Charles Bussey said.

Potentially being an Ivy leaguer is just step one of his plan – one that could see him go from Orange Nation to Capitol Hill.

"If everything works out well, you might see me in the Congress" Naseh said. "As a senator, you have to lead and make decisions, and that’s what being a quarterback is all about."

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