Week 7 City Game of the Week: Madison Warhawks 30, Lincoln Hornets 14


As week 7 comes to a close we see Madison get a big win over Lincoln at their homecoming game. 


   It all started with a touchdown from Madisons quaterback #4 with a pass to #7 Mike Jones for 15 yards. This made the score 7-0 Warhawks. Before the end of the first quater we see Lincoln score with a nice pass from quaterback #18 Tyler Jensen to # 10 Benjamin O’Brien for a 40 yard touchdown. This made the score 7-6 as the extra point was no good. 


In the second quarter we quaterback Jaylen Thomas take it in himself for a 5 yard touchdown. With this touchdown we see the score at 14-6 Madison. The Warhawks then go on to score a field goal. Making it 17-6. Lincoln then answers with another touchdown with another throw from Tyler Jensen to #4 Kenneth Stevenson for a 19 yard touchdown. The Warhawks then go for two making the score 17-14 at the half. 


In the second half we see a big interception by the Warhawk’s #9 Herman Smith. This sets up for a touchdown drive as #6 Ke’ontae Springs takes the ball to the house for a 9 yard touchdown. This makes the score 23-14 Madison. Later on we see Ke’ontae Springs do it again for a 3 yard touchdown making the final score 30-14 Warhawks. 


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