Week 7 Pigskin Idol Game: St. Augustine Saints 56, Morse Tigers 0

Week 7’s Pigskin Idol Game of the Week landed in the favor of the St. Augustine Saints as they took the win over the Morse Tigers, with a final score of 56-0.

In the first quarter, Saints’ Malcolm Williams was on the alert! Williams recovered Morse’s fumble in the endzone, making it 7-0. 

Then in the second quarter, Saints’ Byron Cardwell with the 5 yard touchdown run came in handy for the Saints. This quick touchdown upped their lead 20-0. 

Again in the second, Cardwell with another 5 yard touchdown run. You’re going to want to get used to this name, as Cardwell scored a total of 5 touchdowns tonight!

Turnovers seemed to be the theme of the night from fumble recoveries to interceptions. St. Augustine’s Connor Heffler made a big play, he intercepts the ball in the second quarter with less than a minute to go. 

The Saints dominated the rest of the night. It seemed as if every time the ball was getting driven down the field by Morse, another turnover happened. The Saints defense was very much on the alert tonight and jumped at any opportunity to get the ball back.

The final, 56-0, St. Augustine. 

St. Augustine goes on to improve 5-1 while Morse drops to 4-2. 

Where will Week 8 take these teams? Tune into the Prep Pigskin Report next week at 11 p.m. to find out. 

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