Week 7 Pigskin Idol Journal: Nathan Sheppard, St. Augustine

When I first applied to be a Pigskin Idol, I assumed I wouldn’t be chosen. You can imagine my excitement when I received an email stating that I in fact had been selected to the prestigious title of Pigskin Idol for Week 7. Originally I was feeling anxious, but as my week approached that anxiousness quickly morphed to excitement.

The whole process started on the Wednesday before my game where I went into the studio to meet Paul Rudy and the whole PPR crew. This is where we went over what my Q&A questions and intro with Paul and Alyssa. After going down to the station on Wednesday, I realized that Friday was going to be a blast!

Friday came around and I arrived at my game at 5:30 and met up with Alyssa. Most of my time before the game was spent filming my teaser and taking pictures with cheerleaders, fans, and talking to coaches. As, the game started most of time was spent looking for our Nelson Photo Player of the Game and forming the questions I would ask him during the post game interview. After the game we rallied up the players for the postgame interview that went fantastically.

After the game, I drove back to the station to prepare for the show. Upon arrival the PPR staff was so welcoming and encouraging I felt as ready as ever. Alyssa and I immediately got to work writing the script for the show. Although this may seem like the most difficult part, Alyssa and the whole PPR staff really made this whole process of writing a script a breeze. After the script was done it was time to practice. After practicing multiple times, it was time to get mic’d up and get ready to go live. Once we went live the nerves immediately faded and I was ready to go. It was a great time to be on live TV with Paul, who was instrumental in aiding me on which camera to look at during the show. After I got off camera, Alyssa pulled me off set to do a post show interview. The whole PPR staff was so wonderful and I felt that they did a fantastic job preparing me to go live.

Thank you to Paul, Alyssa, and the rest of the PPR staff for an amazing experience that I will never forget. 

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