Week 7 Pigskin Idol Recap: Saraia Jackson, El Camino

The Week 7 PPR Pigskin Idol, Saraia Jackson, wrote the following recap about her experience working on the Prep Pigskin Report:

My experience on the Prep Pigskin Report (PPR) was one that I will never forget. The Journey all started with getting an email informing me that I was chose to be a Pigskin Idol. I was ecstatic I couldn’t wait to try something that I had never done before.

The Wednesday of the week when I was going to be on PPR, I meet Nic Pollino and the infamous Paul Rudy. We all sat down and wrote my script, which I absolutely loved, it was very corny but totally fit my personality. I had a lot of fun memorizing it.

That Friday I woke up with butterflies in my stomach, but the real nerves did not start until about halfway through the football game that night. I remember having to step away from the PPR crew because it had finally hit me, like “wow this is actually about to happen.” These nerves only intensified once we got back to the studio.

I remember messing up numerous times as I was practicing my script with Nic and Travis, I was either talking to fast or not talking with enough enthusiasm.  At one point, I was really frustrated and I recall Nic telling me that, “This will probably be one of you best high school memories so don’t be too hard on yourself, just go out there and have fun.”  Which was exactly what I did. It all went by so fast, all I really remember is Paul introducing me, laughing, singing, and then him giving me a high five to as a cue to get off the stage.

I learned so much from this experience, and wouldn’t change it for the world. What I loved most about the being in the studio was definitely the environment. From the moment, I walked in I could tell that I was surrounded by people who truly loved and had a passion for what they were doing.

My advice is to make sure to spend more time on knowing which camera to look at, and if you mess up, like I did, just smile through it and have fun because this is a once in a lifetime experience.

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