Week 7 Student Athlete Spotlight: DelMastro Twins of San Pasqual H.S.

One puts his hand on the ball each down, ready to push the Eagles forward.

The other soars like an Eagle each down, ready to send the other team to the bench.

Their roles may be opposite, but their bloodline, baseline, and battle lines are the same. And after years of staying away from wearing the same clothes, eating the same foods and sharing everything, the one common bond between John and Thomas is the same yellow jacket they wear each San Pasqual Friday night.

It’s the perfect form of twin magic.

"I was born two minutes before John," Thomas said. "I don’t hold the ‘older brother’ thing against him because he’s a bit bigger than me."

"Some twins are joined at the hip and they can’t think without the other one," English teacher Tim Whitehead said. "These guys are independent, strong thinkers…They also understand respect, honor, and integrity."

They each sport the same GPA, a sterling 4.1 that they promise isn’t the result of having so many classes together – though wouldn’t we all want a live-in study partner? However, their future plans aren’t in tandem. John dreams of becoming a lawyer like their father, or even a veterinarian. Thomas wants to give back to the game, from being a coach all the way to the general manager’s office in the NFL.

"We both love football and work hard academically," Thomas said.

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