Week 8: And down the stretch they come!

The race to host the Halloween Edition of the Empire Carpet Alarm Clock Pep Rally has entered the home stretch. Thursday, just as the clock strikes midnight, we will declare a winner and announce which school will host the Oct. 28th Alarm Clock Pep Rally.

To say we're excited about your response to our PPR Team Pages on Facebook would be an understatement. Westview, Kearny and Steele Canyon are presently locked in a dramatic sprint to the finish line. Next year we expect even more schools to get involved in what we anticipate will become an annual PPR contest.

The Oct. 28th Alarm Clock Pep Rally will be like no other. It will be the first time in PPR history the entire PPR team joins Mike Castellucci at one of his early morning circuses. A few years back I filled in for Mike for my first and only Alarm Clock Pep Rally. I brought several PPR teammates with me. The morning ended with a small riot when the Silver Pigskin Trophy was introduced at St. Augustine High. One broken ankle later I was banned from any future Pep Rally appearances. But, that ban is about be lifted!

I have no idea what Mike has in store for us, but I do know that if I have to get out of bed early so does Rick, Soderbro, Stephanie, Allie, Brandon and Coach Shack! We are looking forward to meeting the student body that went all out to host us. It's a PPR mantra, “Take care of those that take care of you.” On Friday, Oct. 28th, we will live up to that tenet with the most enthusiastic Alarm Clock Pep Rally to ever grace the KUSI airwaves.

Which school will it be? We'll know by Thursday night!


Paul Rudy
Creator of the Prep Pigskin Report

Email me at ppr@kusi.com


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