Week 8: Otay Ranch Mustangs 38, Bonita Vista Barons 20

The Otay Ranch Mustangs took the field to take on the Bonita Vista Barons for the second game of league.

Minutes into the first quarter, Puka Stewart was able to lead Otay into the end zone by dodging Bonita’s defense left and right.  This would give Stewart a 59-yard touchdown run, making it 7-0 Otay.

Bonita was eager to score on their fourth down, Kevin Rozar threw to Roland Cota for a 15-yard touchdown pass, making it 10-7 Otay.

Later in the second Quarter, Stewart will find Marwan “Boogie” Phillips deep in the end zone for a 20-yard touchdown pass.

Still, in the second, Rozar threw the ball but was intercepted by David “Vita” Hafoka. Hafoka then returned the ball into the end zone for a 45-yard touchdown run giving Otay a lead of 31-7.

The final score: 38-20, Otay Ranch.


The Otay Ranch Mustangs will head back home to host the Bonita Vista Barons for their second league game of the season.

Otay is currently 4-3 after playing at rival school Olympian last week and won, 29-16, making them currently 1-0 in the Metro-Mesa league.

Athletes like quarterback Jonte (Puka) Stewart, who can run and throw the ball, make Otay’s offense hard to stop. Stewart has racked up five touchdown passes and four TD runs this season.

Earlier this season when asked how he felt to play at home Stewart said, “ This home stadium is dedicated to Jose Brosz and we just love balling out for him.”

On the other side of the ball is Bonita Vista who lost, 42-7, to Mater Dei last week, making them 0-1 in the Metro-Mesa league and 2-5 overall.

Bonita brings key players like captain Kevin Rozar, who’s accumulated three passing touchdowns so far. Rozar plays both wide receiver and quarterback.

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