Week 8 Pigskin Idol Journal: Calista Rodal, Mission Hills

During the summer I saw PPR post that they were looking for idols for the 2017 season, I tried to apply multiple times but it never went through so at first I was just like “oh well it’s not meant to be.” Later in the summer I saw them post again so I decided why not give it one more try. It went through and a few days later I got an email telling me I was chosen. I couldn’t believe it honestly. I was beyond nervous but I just pretended like it was nothing. I watched PPR every week, and I couldn’t believe that in a short few weeks that would be me.

The week finally came. I got my email from Alyssa on Monday, and it finally hit me. Throughout the week my thoughts consisted of what I could say on PPR. I came into the studio on Wednesday, and honestly I was extremely nervous. As soon as I walked in my nerves went away. Everyone there was super supportive. I met Paul and he gave me a little pep talk for the week, and then we started on our script. I’m not the best writer but any idea I had, Alyssa would help me use it somehow. I was also able to have conversations with people about my life and where I go to school, and I felt like I was part of something amazing. I felt like I knew these people my whole life.

The big day came pretty quick. I met Alyssa at Clairemont, and we started taking pics and doing the tease. We laughed about random things the whole night and I was able to see a completely different perspective of what the PPR team does every Friday. After the game interviewed the player of the game, and then headed back to the studio. Once we got back to the studio we began working on the script and started coming up with any kind of catch phrases we could use. We got the final cut highlights from the amazing Travis and we began to practice everything together. The nerves truly began to kick in, but everyone from PPR kept reassuring me that I would be okay. I finally got brought out, and as soon as I saw Paul and all the cameras I really got scared, however, I was reassured once again that I was okay and I was gonna do amazing. Everyone made me laugh and calmed me down, and my time finally came. I sat down and just like that I was on TV. Everything went smooth and I felt pretty comfortable. After I got high fives and hugs from everyone.

I will forever remember this experience, and all the people who helped me. I’ve always thought about majoring in journalism and this opportunity made me want to do it even more. Special thanks to Alyssa Asido for all her support this week!

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