Week 8: San Diego Cavers 18, Mission Bay Buccaneers 0

The 4-3 Mission Bay Buccaneers were hosted by the 5-1 San Diego Cavers. Kick off time was 6:30pm. Before the game we chatted with State Farm’s, Brad Sund about “Quotes for Good”. 

State Farm’s Quotes for Good is underway in its first year as a pilot program. Quotes for Good is about giving back to the community and to the schools. 

“State Farm is all about community service and making sure that we are doing our job for the people around us. For every quote we get for insurance, I am going to give $5 to the school and get matched by the agency as well. It’s a big honor to be able to be partnered with San Diego High School and be able to give back” said, Brad Sund. He followed with his prediction that the Cavers were going to take the win against the Buccaneers and they did just that. 

The Cavers got on the board early in the 1st. Quarterback, Jadon Green finds Jeydan Colon for the first TD run of the night making the score, 6-0 Cavers.

The Cavers defense was unstoppable. The interception party began with Josiah Johnson. Then, Marquel Davis gets the interception followed by Malachi McCullough with another interception for the Cavers. 

We’re not stopping there. The Cavers, Mo Jackson gets an interception. Then, back to Josiah Johnson, who gets his second interception of the night. 5 total interceptions by 4 different Cavers. What a beautiful night to play defense for San Diego. 

The score at half was 12-0, Cavers. No score in the 3rd. In the 4th, running back Mo Jackson gets a 12 yard TD run making the final score 18-0, Cavers. Not a good night to be a Buccaneer.

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