Week 8 Student Athlete Spotlight: Gus Ferreira of Hilltop H.S.

When you could only watch KUSI on the tube TV, the weather catchphrase was "It’s Friday!"

In times where your phone and tablet are king, the weather catchphrase isn’t a saying, but a Mathis inspired dialect we’ve grown to love.

And at Hilltop High School, the weather catchphrase always changes because the guy doing the talking changes.

"He always tries to do something different," digital media teacher Sophia Gray said. "One day he was Fidget Gus…today he’s 2 Chainz Gus…it’s always entertaining."

That’s the best word to describe Gus Ferreira – entertaining. Whether it’s on his school’s TV or the one you click on Friday night, the entertainment doesn’t end. Gus made sure to keep the party going – 125 times in 2016, the catches kept coming. And by the end, he had more receptions than anyone else in the Golden State.

"He’s extremely smart, so he was able to learn every position including quarterback," head coach Drew Westling said. "We can move him around based on where we think he can do best with the ball."

"It means a lot to have Coach Westling believe in me," Ferreira said. "He believed in me last year, and he believes in me this year as well."

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