Week 9 City Game of the Week: Scripps Ranch Falcons 34, San Diego Cavers 6

Week 9 is over and we see the Scripps Ranch Falcons stay undefeated. They now are 8-0. 

As the Scripps Falcons start out with the ball on their second play quarterback #10 Luke Derkin throws to #2 Mekhi Shaw for a 52 yard touchdown. With an extra point by #33 Matthew Killam the score is 7-0 Falcons. 

The San Diego Cavers fumble on their first position,  #15 Dylan Stoney from Scripps Ranch recovers the ball. This then sets up a field goal by Killam, making the score 10-0. 

As we enter the 2nd quarter we see a big play from #21 Troy Willams as he rumbles for 55 yards.  This sets up the next Falcons touchdown, as Luke Derkins hands it off to Nicholas Gardinera for a 19 yard touchdown. This now makes the score 17-0 Scripps Ranch. 

In the third quarter Luke Derkins gives the ball to Nicholas Gardinera again for a 20 yard touchdown. This now puts the score at 24-0 Scripps. 

In the fourth quarter we see a fumble from San Diego as Scripps recovers it setting up yet another Falcons scoring drive.  Luke Derkin hands it off to Troy Willams as he runs it in, the rout is on now for Scripps.

The San Diego Cavers are not willing to go down without a fight as they score in the fourth quarter, making the score 34-6. 

Scripps Ranch Falcons keep their perfect season alive, next week they are taking on the Patrick Henry Patriots as they look to go 9-0!

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