Week 9 Hog Blog: Silver Pigskin Headaches Give Way to the Iron Hog

Last Friday, I released the names I was personally considering for the 2018 Silver Pigskin Podium. As expected, I was swamped with additional viewer suggestions. For the record, I am standing by my original list, though I was tempted to add Helix junior Xavier Hamlett and Oceanside sophomore Kavika Tua. Both will have to wait their turn, as least far as this voter is concerned.

Folks, you can’t begin to fathom the challenge we are facing trying to pick the five guaranteed finalists. Because we expanded the Silver Pigskin Fan Vote pool to 20 players, we do have some breathing room on the backside. Picking the 6th finalist rests with you the viewers; you will have 20 options to choose from.

It’s picking those first five names that are going to make for some restless nights. For the record, the 11-person Silver Pigskin Player of the Year committee convenes immediately following the Friday, October 26th edition of the Prep Pigskin Report. Nobody goes home that night until our podium and Fan Vote is finalized.

But the Silver Pigskin podium is only half the challenge – we also have to pick our best interior lineman. The PPR Iron Hog Trophy is now in its 9th year of existence. It’s near impossible to select just five finalists. Imagine how hard it is to decide on just one Iron Hog!

Unlike the Silver Pigskin podium, we won’t go public with our Iron Hog recipient until the night of the Gala. But I will go public with 10 names I am currently considering for this high honor. Keep in mind there are ten other Iron Hog voters with their own lists. I am but one spoke in the voting wheel. I included only seniors, which immediately excludes 4/5ths of Cathedral Catholic’s amazing front. In 2019 the Dons will likely dominate list.

Rudy’s Iron Hog Considerations

1) Christopher Alvarado, Helix Charter HS
2) Isaac Anderson, Mission Hills HS
3) Rudy Archuleta, San Pasqual HS
4) Brian Driscoll, Torrey Pines HS
5) Ed Hill, Valley Center HS
6) Manu Maosi, Mt. Miguel HS
7) Walter Pongia, St. Augustine HS
8) Vincent Santos, Eastlake HS
9) Blake Schmidt, Monte Vista HS
10) Luka Trifunovic, La Costa Canyon HS

I use the same criteria picking the Iron Hog as I use for my Silver Podium selections. You have to be a stud Billy Goat on the field and in the classroom; your character has to be beyond reproach; your opponents have to respect you; your coaches have to speak highly of you; and it doesn’t hurt if colleges are recruiting you. In the end, we’re looking for the young man who will represent our trophy with distinction, while he’s playing and well after he hangs up the pads.

Tuesday December 4th, we board the USS Midway Museum for the 20th edition of the Silver Pigskin Gala. Hang on tight; it’s going to be quite the ride.

Paul W. Rudy
Prep Pigskin Report

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