Week 9: Eastlake Titans 12, Olympian Eagles 7

The Eastlake Titans continue their reign in the South Bay after defeating the Olympian Eagles 12-7.

This result keeps Eastlake at a 3-0 in League play, and a 4-5 in the regular season. The Eagles drop to a 1-7.

First quarter both teams struggled to get into the end zone, and it was in the second quarter that were fans were able to celebrate points on the scoreboard.

Titan’s Bryce Ramirez successfully kicked a 26-yard field goal, giving the home team a 3-0 lead.

In the third quarter Olympian responded with an impressive 86-yard touchdown run by Anthony Gilpin Jr. giving the Eagles the 7-3 lead.

In this quarter both teams wanted the victory in Week 9, both had back to back defensive play. The Eagles prevented a Titan touchdown, and the Titans responded by sacking the Eagles QB.

All the cards were left on the field in the 4th quarter.

Cole McFarlane threw to Jordan Blondin for a 29-yard touchdown pass, giving the lead to Eastlake 10-7.

It was the home team defense that secured the win the night. Eastlake’s D-line sacked the Eagles QB in the end zone, resulting in a safety and finalizing the game 12-7 Eastlake.

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