Week 9 Pigskin Idol Journal: Daniela Diaz, Hilltop

The moment I received the email to be a Prep Pig Skin Idol my jaw dropped in excitement.  By far, one of the most memorable experiences of my high school journey.  In the weeks following the initial email i was told what week I would be going on air. Week 9 , and it wasn’t till then I realized it was all becoming  reality . I was told to go to the studio on Wednesday so we could come up with the intro. However, I was not able to meet Papa Pig because he was on location. As Alyssa and I brainstormed for the script we decided to pursue the beauty pageant route rather than the traditional sports that appear back to back.

On Friday, my regular school day seemed to take forever; I guess the excitement couldn’t be tamed. Before I left to the game Alyssa had texted me reminding me to bring an extra jacket and I’m so glad I listened to her, even with the PPR hoodie I was still shivering! Fast forward to the post-game interview all I could think of is “please don’t trample me, please don’t trample me “however the cavers did storm the heck out of that camera.

Once we drove back to the station it was rush madness in there. We quickly got to work editing and practicing.  I was finally able to meet THE Paul Rudy and to witness all the hard work, timing and behind the scenes prep of what it takes to put this show on the air. As 11 o-clocks quickly approached, as surprising as it sounds my nerve seemed to calm down. The experience seemed to happen in a blink of an eye, Paul Rudy was so easy to talk to and he made it such unforgettable experience.

I wanted to give BIG thank you to Paul, Alyssa and the rest of the well-oiled machine for making for making my segment on The Prep Pig Skin Report a memorable one.

Let’s work on that world peace!

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