Week 9: Hoover Cardinals 10 at Clairemont Chieftains 0 (suspended)

It was a gloomy and stormy night across San Diego.

Both teams have had rough seasons, not having won a game. Tonight, one of them would be able to get not only a win but a crucial league win.

The first quarter neither team would be able to get on the board after minutes of hard-fought action.

Hoover would be first on the board in the second quarter with a field goal. Cardinals up, 3-0.

Clairemont would try to get on the board, but Hoover’s defense would stop them.

Before the half, Hoover would be up 10-0 with a touchdown by Martel Fowler. The extra-point kick is good.

Going into the third quarter, both sides of the ball tried to gain yardage and score, but the constant timeouts and rain delays threw off the grooves.

Referees called the game to stop for a delay again due to lightning.

Officials would then end the game there with Hoover leading 10-0 with 11:06 left in the fourth quarter.

The teams will resume on Monday at 4 p.m. at Hoover

Hoover, next Friday, will play at Coronado for an away conference game. Clairemont will host Crawford for a conference battle, as well.

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Week 9 and it is more than fine! This season has sure taken football fans by surprise.

This week, one of the FORTY-TWO (yes you read that right) games that will be covered by red jackets is a Central League conference matchup between the Clairemont Chieftains (0-6) and Hoover Cardinals (0-7).

Although the Chieftains have had a rough start this year, a strong factor is the tough schedule they were given this season. With games against Orange Glen, Francis Parker and Serra, Clairemont takes each week game by game, trying and perfecting different grooves to see what works best for the team.

Donovan Fitzgerald, a senior wide receiver and cornerback, has two touchdowns and continues to lead the Chieftains on and off the field.

Hoover has had a rough year. With half of the games occurring in shutout losses, the Cardinals, while also a young team with many juniors and only a handful of seniors, have time to grow and learn. Hoover’s offense and defense has the capability to score on drives and stop the other team from gaining more yardage, and maybe they will be able to do so with a potential victory this Friday.

Which team will get their first win of the season?

Kickoff is set for 6:30 p.m. at Hoover.

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