Week 9: San Pasqual Golden Eagles 35, Valley Center Jaguars 32

The Valley Center Jaguars visited the San Pasqual Golden Eagles for a week 9 North County showdown.

On the first play of their opening drive Valley Center’s Kyler Riche is first to light up the board as he runs it 81 yards all the way to the end zone.

At the end of the first quarter, San Pasqual’s QB Trevor Jungman scored an 8-yard touchdown run taking the eagles up over the Jaguars 14-7.

Defense got it done all night on both sides of the ball. Eagles’ Johnny Vega and Jesus Aguiano forced the Jaguars to kick a 28-yard field goal on 4th and 9 in the 2nd quarter. Jaguars’ secondary in Tristian Garcia and James Pratt were forces to be reckoned with racking up multiple stops behind the line of scrimmage. Valley Center’s defensive tackle Roberto Ramos tallied at least one QB sack and showed strong hits breaking through the impending San Paqual offensive line.

4th down. Coach Tony Corley goes for it almost every time. And almost every time, the Eagles would move the chains. With 5 minutes left in the game, a QB keep on 4th down took the Eagles up to lead at 28-25.

Eight plays into the next drive Jaguars’ Frank Stehly would send it to Xavier Jones for a 14-yard touchdown pass. The score is 28-32 and Eagles have 1:32 to make something happen.

With Jaguars in the lead and the game clock running down, the stadium begins to roar. Eagles’ home crowd chants, “let’s get fired up,” as Jaguars’ visitor’s sections echoes an explosive “We can’t hear you.”

In the thick of the noise Trevor Jungman throws an incomplete pass on second down, then another incomplete pass on third down. Then with 46 seconds left, Jungman connects with Masato Thompson for a 14-yard touchdown catch and the Eagles steal the lead on a 5-play drive. With an interception on Valley Center’s ball, Masato Thompson secures the win for the Eagles who improve to a 7-1 record.

Next week will be the last of the regular season. San Pasqual will host the Fallbrook Warriors with a 7pm kickoff. Valley Center will host the Escondido Cougars with a 7pm kickoff.

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