Week Eleven Hog Blog: The Sweet 16

Dear PPR Viewers:

This Friday marks the end of the prep football regular season. The Prep Pigskin Report will have cameras at 36 of the 40 games being played in San Diego County; it’s our most ambitious schedule of the 2017 season.

36 games means highlights – lots of highlights.  But the final week of the regular season means something even more.  This Friday, during a sea of exciting video clips, we will also release the names of the athletes eligible for the 2017 Silver Pigskin Fan Vote!

All season long, the PPR Player of the Year Committee has been meeting on a regular basis to determine the names that will be seated on our podium at the 19th annual Silver Pigskin Gala.  These get-togethers are not social; frequently they are heated discussions, as different factions of the PPR attempt to get “their guy” on the podium.  If you haven’t figured it out by now, we take this assignment seriously.

History has taught us one thing – every decision we make relating to the Silver Pigskin Player of the Year gets scrutinized. While it’s impossible to please everyone, our goal is to be so solid in our decision-making, that complaints we do receive are mostly partisan in nature.

A Silver Pigskin Finalist is a great athlete.  He is also a solid leader, both on the field and off it. He excels in the classroom and the community.  Most importantly, he will represent our trophy with honor and distinction.  Those decisions are still being made as we speak.

Will there by five Finalists?  Six?  Maybe seven?  I’m not saying. What I can tell you is this.  One seat on the podium is left open for you the PPR viewers to fill.  We’ve already begun reaching out to the athletes who won’t make the podium outright but can still be voted on to the Finalist stage by you the people.

In years past, we have had five Fan Vote Finalists.  We then expanded to six in the early 2000’s, then to seven, and last year, we had nine kids in the Fan Vote!  In 2017, we will have 16 players in the Silver Pigskin Fan Vote! Those 16 kids will be vying for the final seat on the 2017 Silver Pigskin Player of the Year podium.

So this Friday night on the PPR those 16 names will be made public.  When the clock strikes midnight, we will open the Fan Vote.  Every viewer can cast up to three votes – one on Twitter (@KUSIPPR), one on Facebook (KUSIPPR) and one on Instagram (KUSIPPR).  We will monitor these vote counts closely. Anybody casting more than three votes will have all their votes thrown out.  Our social media team is watching for suspicious voting trends, along with Russian hacking and influence.

The Fan Vote will close Friday November 10th at 8 pm.  Later than night, we will introduce the 2017 Silver Pigskin Finalists on the week 12 edition of the Prep Pigskin Report.  That very night, the voting starts all over again.  That exact same process will be used for the Player of the Year vote. The only difference is, the Fan Vote will then be weighted to represent a portion of the ballot vote.

We’ll have more on that in the next Hog Blog.   Right now, we just want you to be aware that 16 athletes will soon be officially eligible for the most coveted trophy in all of high school sports.  Their path will be more difficult than other Finalists.  But consider this: what do Jordan Genmark-Heath (Notre Dame) and Troy Warner (BYU) have in common?  They’re both Silver Pigskin Finalists, and they both made it on to the podium via the Fan Vote.

Make sure to tune into the Prep Pigskin Report this Friday night at 10:30 pm, and prepare to change one young man’s life forever!

Yours in Pigskin,

Paul W. Rudy


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