Week Thirteen Hog Blog: The Admiral’s Award

In a few short weeks the San Diego high school football community will gather inside the hanger bay of the USS Midway Museum.  The occasion?  The 19th annual Silver Pigskin Gala.   By now you know seven Player of the Year finalists have been selected.  Over 17,000 (and rising) viewers have cast Fan Votes, and exactly 307 Silver Pigskin E-ballots have been distributed to previous Silver Pigskin winners, finalists, current head coaches, prep media members, PPR personnel, and pigskin dignitaries.

The E-ballot vote will count for 90 percent of the final vote. The Fan Vote will be weighted to count as 10 percent of the “returned” E-ballots.  Together, the two factions will decide the 19th name to be etched on the side of the most coveted trophy in high school sports, the Prestigious Silver Pigskin.

But in 2017, the Silver Pigskin Gala will start a new tradition. In conjunction will our new forever Gala home, the PPR and the Midway Museum will present the Admiral’s Award.  This traveling trophy will recognized the student-athlete who is making the biggest impact in his or her community.

At the Gala we already acknowledge the best player with the Prestigious Silver Pigskin, the best lineman with the Iron Hog, and now we look to showcase the biggest “difference maker” in the community.   We’re looking for the athlete who best epitomizes “we” before “me”. 

Have any suggestions?  Obviously, we’ve made our inaugural selection but as we move towards 2018 we encourage you to participate in the process.   Give us a call, drop us a text or tweet, or hit us up on Facebook or Instagram. Help us make the best decision possible by alerting us to the student-athlete who is also making a mark in your community.

The goal of the Admiral’s Award is multi-faceted.  We want to acknowledge the athletes making previously unseen contributions in their neighborhoods.  We also want to create a friendly competition that sees each Admiral’s Award “winner” topping the efforts of the previous year’s recipient.  I know how high the bar will start with our inaugural winner, but imagine what our 2027 winner will look like?

In recent weeks we have witnessed the incredible generosity of the Midway Museum.  The Midway Foundation has donated nearly a half million dollars to 25 non-profit organizations – 19 of them right here in San Diego.  In 2018 the same foundation hopes to increase their annual support to one million dollars!  The Admiral’s Award plays right into Midway’s “no man left behind” philosophy.  This great ship represents everything that is good about our fine city- and our great country! So to will the Admiral’s Award.

Make sure to watch the Silver Pigskin Gala Tuesday December 12th to learn the first name on this new trophy.  And don’t forget to watch episode 14 of the PPR this Friday night, 10:30 pm on KUSI-TV.

Yours in Pigskin,

Paul W. Rudy


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