West coast ports reopen after weekend shutdown

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – After a weekend of shutdowns, the port of San Diego reopened Monday.

The shutdown included every port on the west coast, including the huge twin facilities at Los Angeles and Long Beach.

As the fog lifted Monday morning along the San Diego waterfront, there was the Dole container ship docked at the 10th Avenue marine terminal.

Not long thereafter, the activity level picked up as the ship was unloaded.

There was no unloading or loading at the port over weekend though and that went for everybody up and down the west coast.

There was talk about the potential for a shutdown for several weeks as the 9-month long talks between the Longshoremen’s Union and The Pacific Maritime Association grew more bitter.

The Maritime Association represents the shipping lines.

On Friday, the association’s president complained about all of the cargo congestion at the ports, especially Long Beach and Los Angeles because of a slowdown by the dock workers.

On Saturday, the association shut down 29 ports, including San Diego.

Robyn Boerstling, a spokesperson for The National Association of Manufacturers, said people are losing patience with both sides.

“It’s time for both parties to recognize their failure to reach an agreement. It’s really hurting the nation’s competitiveness,” Boerstling said.

The National Retail Federation says a full-blown port shutdown could cost the U.S. Economy $2 billion a day.

While the Maritime Association said it has no plans for another partial shutdown, as the association characterized this weekend’s action, officials said they haven’t ruled out shutdowns in the future.

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