What’s next for Father Joe’s Villages?

He has been the face of helping the homeless in San Diego for three-decades. Now that Father Joe Carroll has announced his retirement, what does the future hold for the array of services he's has created and built for the homeless. KUSI's Ed Lenderman has been following this story and reports on the details.

We're talking a number of properties, a budget in the 10's of millions of dollars. The new CEO of Father Joe's Villages has some very big shoes to fill.

Wednesday, following the announcement that Father Joe Carroll was retiring as president of Father Joe's Villages, he told KUSI, “everyday I meet somebody who shakes my hand and says I'm a graduate of St. Vinnie.”

In 1982, Father Joe was asked to take over a modest charity. He subsequently created Father Joe's Villages which include St. Vincent de Paul Village, a huge downtown complex for the homeless, a separate teen center, 350 affordable apartments and a smaller center for the homeless in Indio. With 500 employees the Villages' annual budget is 35-million dollars.

“We heard about this about a month ago and started working through the details with him,” said Villages' Board Chair Steve Francis.

Francis says the search for a new CEO started Thursday. In the interim, Francis, and St. Vincent de Paul chair Vince Kasperick, both successful business people, will serve as interim CEO's.
Certainly, says Francis, the new CEO will have to have a passion for helping the homeless.

The individual will likely be a lay-person says Francis, although they would like to see a priest, at least-part time, be involved with the Village's spiritual mission.

Last year, for the first time, Father Joe had to layoff people and it broke his heart, says Francis.
Father Joe, who will turn 70 on the day he retires, April 12th, will now focus on fundraising as president emeritus.

Francis says they hope to have a new CEO by the end of the year.

So donations in a difficult economy is an ongoing issue. Assuming there's some stability there in the future, Francis says they would like to expand the services of Father Joe's Villages, including increasing the number of affordable apartments for the low income. 

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