What’s on the 2010 ballot?

If you're confused about the welter of conflicting propositions on the November 2nd ballot, you're not alone.

Many of the measures are studded with complex fine print that leaves even determined voters bewildered. All the same, a number of the props would hit you in the pocketbook–raising your sales tax, your property tax and your vehicle license fees. So, voters beware.

KUSI”s Political Analyst Bob Kittle was on Good Morning San Diego talking in-depth about what you need to know before heading to the polls.

If approved, what would these four props do?

  • Prop D–half-cent sales tax in city of san diego
  • Prop J–$98 property tax for san diego schools
  • Prop 21–$18 vehicle surcharge for parks
  • Prop 19–legalizes marijuana
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