When will children 12 and under be approved for the COVID-19 vaccine?

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The vaccine has been available for adults for months now, even for teenagers 16 and up.

Children 12 and under have yet to be inoculated as a vaccine has not yet been approved for them.

Dr. Mona Hacker from Horizon Clinical Research joined KUSI’s Ginger Jeffries on Good Evening San Diego to discuss details on the COVID-19 vaccine for children 12 and under and to discuss natural immunity.

The conversation began on the topic of natural immunity, which Dr. Hacker said many have after contracting COVID-19.

Despite the lack of study on natural immunity to COVID-19, health officials have uncovered that natural immunity wanes after 90 days to six months after contracting COVID-19, Dr. Hacker noted.

The incidence of the delta variant is more common in those with natural immunity than in those who are vaccinated, Dr. Hacker said.

For those who had COVID-19 three, four, or five months ago, the vaccine works better than natural immunity, Dr. Hacker concluded.

Pfizer will be submitting their data on the vaccine’s performance on 5-11-year-old children mostly likely by the end of September, which will then go to the FDA for approval.

The earliest children within those ages may be able to receive this vaccine is Halloween, Dr. Hacker said.

If not, the vaccine will probably be available to children by the end of the year, Dr. Hacker thinks.

For those four and under, the risks are very low, especially if they are not attending school, Dr. Hacker added.

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