Why is San Diego the most locked down county in the United States?

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – California remains the most locked down state across the country, and San Diego County is the most locked down county in the state, with Los Angeles County about the same.

Tuesday, Los Angeles County met the mark to reopen elementary schools, but Los Angeles Unified School District teachers are still refusing to teach until negotiations are reached.

The San Diego County Office of Education told KUSI News on Tuesday that San Diego County is not below the threshold yet. Adding, there’s no specific date for when schools will be allowed to start the reopening process Los Angeles County may now begin.

Sure enough, San Diego County once again followed in Los Angeles County’s footsteps, and Wednesday, the county’s rate of new cases dropped enough to allow elementary schools to resume in-person instruction for students in pre-kindergarten through sixth grade, in accordance with state guidance.

However, both San Diego Unified and Chula Vista Unified School Districts will likely remain closed to in-person learning for the foreseeable future because the teachers unions refuse to get back in the classroom.

San Diego County health officials continue to tell us science is guiding their policy, but KUSI wanted to find what our science shows that justifies the slowest reopening process in the entire country.

Currently in San Diego, in-person schools, youth sports competition and indoor dining are all banned by government regulation.

California is currently the only state in the country that hasn’t allowed all of their Fall sports to resume, this includes football. Over 40 states have proved high school football to be safe, but our health officials still say the “science” says it is not safe.

To clarify the county’s reason for the slow reopening process, KUSI News asked, “San Diego is the most locked own county in the most locked down state in the country, can you share the science that justifies this?”

Supervisor Fletcher said they have shared the science, and it is on the county’s website.

Since the pandemic began, Supervisor Fletcher has always been in support with all of Governor Gavin Newsom’s lockdown policies.

To visit the San Diego County Health Website, visit: www.sandiegocounty.gov

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