Will the GOP have a candidate to run against Adam Schiff for Senate?

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) -Congressman Adam Schiff visited UCSD on Feb. 13 where he discussed several of the hot topics that may impact the 2024 election, as part of his campaign to become California’s next United States Senator.

Schiff was elevated to positions in Democrat leadership, despite continuously lying about having “proof” former President Trump was a Russian agent. Schiff led two impeachments against Trump, and then the unsuccessful January 6th committee, that closed down their investigation shortly after the 2022 election.

Republican opponents slammed Schiff’s efforts as a “sham,” which ultimately led to Speaker Kevin McCarthy removing him from the House Intelligence Committee after the GOP took the majority.

But despite his lying, Schiff is asking to be promoted to the United States Senate.

Republican Strategist Jason Cabel Roe joined KUSI’s Good Morning San Diego to discuss Schiff’s campaign, and who Republicans can put up to run against Schiff, if anyone.

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