Wolverines take it to the warriors on opening night.

The fresh feel of optimism was in the air across San Diego as it was the opening act of Friday night lights across the county. The Fallbrook Warriors (0-1, 0-0)won the coin toss and that was about all. As the Westview Wolverines (1-0, 0-0) wasted no time getting on the board, scoring on their second offensive play of the game when AJ Leonard ripped off a 40 yard touchdown run for the first score of the game but not his last of the night. Not to be outdone by  the offense, the wolverines defense held their own as well holding fallbrook scoreless for the first half.

And while the defense was doing it’s part the offense kept piling on the yards in the second quarter. A Joe Bennett 2 yard run was followed up in the next possession by a 26 yard touchdown pass from Beau Nelson to Emeka Anyanwu which put the Wolverines In a commanding 21-0 lead. After another AJ Leonard touchdown This one coming via receiving that pretty much put the icing on the cake before halftime. Even though fallbrook was able to put a score on the board late in the ballgame, it was to little to late as Westview took this years home opener 28-7.

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