Woman found incompetent to stand trial for boyfriend’s murder

SAN DIEGO (CNS) – A woman charged in the fatal shooting of her ex-lover
in his Imperial Beach apartment after stalking and harassing him for a year is
incompetent to stand trial and will be sent to a state mental hospital, a judge
ruled Monday.

Vegas Bray, 24, is charged with murder in the Oct. 16, 2012, death of 31-
year-old Victor Saucedo.

During a preliminary hearing in April, Bray shouted that she was not
jealous of the victim and didn't remember shooting him.

A judge granted a defense request to have the defendant evaluated to see
if she understands the charges against her and can assist her attorney at

Monday, Judge Joseph Brannigan adopted the findings in a psychiatrist's
report that Bray was not mentally competent to stand trial, ordering that she
be sent to Patton State Hospital for up to three years in hopes of restoring
her competency.

At an earlier hearing, Deputy District Attorney Harrison Kennedy said
that Bray and Saucedo met while they were both in the Navy and started dating
in 2010. The relationship lasted for several months and ended toward the later
part of 2011.

Kennedy said the couple broke up because the defendant was jealous of
the mother of Saucedo's child, and she continued to pursue him after they broke

Bray committed seven acts of vandalism against Saucedo's car and
apartment, including popping his car tires, smearing peanut butter on his
door, and even tracking him down after he changed apartments, the prosecutor

The couple had some “social interaction” in which there was talk of
rekindling the relationship on Oct. 15, but Saucedo said he wasn't interested
in the long-term relationship Bray wanted, Kennedy said. Bray felt “spurned”
and left the victim's apartment the next morning, the prosecutor said.

About 3:30 p.m. on Oct. 16, Bray returned to Saucedo's apartment with a
.38-caliber revolver and, minutes later, neighbors reported hearing a series of
gunshots, Kennedy said.

Bray called 911 and said Saucedo committed suicide, but Bray turned out
to have been shot nine times. The gun used was found next to him.

At Bray's arraignment last year, Kennedy called the killing of Saucedo the
“ultimate act of obsession.”

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