Woman sentenced to 19 years in prison for involvement in failed bank heist

SAN DIEGO (CNS) – A woman who participated in a failed bank heist in
which an accomplice was shot by a security guard was sentenced Thursday to 19
years in state prison.

Laura Elshire, 43, pleaded guilty in November to a pair of robbery
counts and possession of a deadly weapon — razor blades — at a penal

Elshire's sentence was doubled by Judge Leo Valentine Jr.because of a
1997 conviction for attempted murder. She has been to prison twice before.

She was charged, along with Robert Anthony Hodge and Casey Allen Wilson,
with holding up a Wells Fargo branch last year near La Jolla Village Drive,
in which Wilson was shot in the face and arm.

During that June 11 robbery, Wilson told the teller to hurry and
repeated the demand before switching on an electric stun gun he was carrying,
according to court testimony.

A security officer, Luis Apodaca, testified that he realized what was
happening and told Elshire, who was wearing a blond wig, to lie down on the
floor along with Wilson. Instead, the witness said, Wilson began striding
quickly toward the guard, prompting him to fire two shots.

Wilson ran out of the building with wounds to his face and one of his
arms and got into a waiting car, which sped off. The getaway vehicle was driven
by Hodge.

Inside the bank, while the two male suspects fled, the security guard
again ordered Elshire to surrender. She refused and tried to flee, but the
guard hit her over the head, tackled her and took her into custody, Apodaca

About 45 minutes later, Wilson was dropped off at a hospital for
treatment. Hodge was captured later in Mexico.

Hodge, 28, pleaded guilty to robbing six banks, including a second
holdup at the La Jolla Village Wells Fargo branch. He is scheduled to be
sentenced on March 21.

Wilson, also 28, pleaded guilty to charges stemming from two robberies
and was sentenced to five years in prison.

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