Women’s Under 19 Soccer team practices at the Olympic Training Center

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Team USA women's soccer is all the rage. From twitter to Facebook everyone is talking about the team and the sport. Friday the team being honored with a parade in New York City. While the United States celebrates the win they also are keeping an eye on the future.

This week the national team's Under 19 squad hosting a camp at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista. This is their 3rd training camp of the year something that only happens from time to time given the players schedules with playing for other club, high school and college teams.

"You never really get to play with the best people in the country except for when you come here," says defender Alana Cook.

Getting onto the team itself isn't a piece of cake either. Scouts pick the girls to tryout and then you must fight to stay. The roster currently holds 24 girls. The United States has teams for each age group from 14 to 20 and an under 23 team all under the National team. That puts the girls on the under 19 squad at a perfect rate to be on the National Team in next years World Cup run in 2019.

The team watched the World Cup victory together and now have a new motivation to follow in the path of their predecessors.

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