Yes! For a Better San Diego initiative moves forward

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The Yes! For a Better San Diego initiative, which aims to increase San Diego’s hotel tax on visitors, is officially slated for the the March 3, 2020 presidential primary ballot, per a vote by the San Diego City Council.

Over a generation, at least three San Diego mayors have attempted to expand the convention center without success. The latest attempt will come in next year’s march primary election. This attempt is being spear headed by a coalition called “Yes for a better san diego.”

So, who are the members of this coalition, and why might they succeed where others before them have failed? The answer: you have the homeless community coming together, you have labor, you have the business community, you have the hotel community and all of the tourism community behind this initiative.

Kerri kapich is chief operating officer of the Tourism Authority. She says previous failures did not have broad support. There is a question of whether we need an expanded convention center. There’s no guarantee of getting larger conventions, and Comic Con, despite threats of leaving, keeps extending its contract to stay here. The tax increase is paid by visitors but the bonds over a 42-year period are backed by taxpayers. It’s debt, and it comes as future budgets forecast deficits.

“We’re happy this is moving forward, giving voters the opportunity to approve funding to seriously tackle our homeless crisis,” said Bob McElroy, President of Alpha Project, one of the City’s leading homeless service providers. “The city has adopted a homeless action plan developed by national experts to guide our efforts and finally put an end to the crisis. We know what we need to do, and this initiative will provide the funding source to actually make it happen.”

Bob McElroy, CEO Alpha Project, and Kerri Kapich, COO of the San Diego Tourism Authority, stopped by Good Morning San Diego to talk about the initiative.



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