You’ll want to moooove over for Ramona’s giant cow, “Cowboy”

RAMONA (KUSI) – Last week a video of a giant steer “Knickers” in Australia went viral. That caused Lindsey Crouse and her Serenity Acres Horse Rescue social media accounts to go crazy because her steer “Cowboy” is just as big.

“I don’t even know how many tags that we got in this post because he’s pretty popular in Ramona. He’s pretty well known,” says Crouse.

Cowboy is just a hair under the Guinness world record for largest steer. He’s about 6’4″ and weighs about 3,000 pounds. His head alone weighs about 300 pounds.

Lindsey rescued the giant steer about two years ago. A friend called her and said he was hungry and Lindsey fell in love with him right away.

So what in the world do you feed a steer this size of a car?

“It does feel like he’s always eating. He likes pumpkins when he’s in the mood for it and he’ll just eat the whole entire pumpkin in one bite. He eats anything from Bermuda, Orchard, Timothy, Alfalfa hay,” says Crouse. They feed him twice a day. Once he ate eight bales of hay in one sitting.

In the short time we spent with cowboy his sweet nature shines through. He is extremely docile and friendly. Lindsey refers to him as a giant dog.

Now “Cowboy” is just 4-5 years old and could keep growing for about another year. The reason why he won’t be your steak dinner anytime soon is because he is too big to fit in a meat packing facility.

Lindsey says the best part of owning the giant steer is his companionship

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Hanging with this big fella today!! He is just a hair shorter than the world record holding steer and hangs at Serenity Acres Horse Rescue in Ramona! #cowboy #bigsteer #giantcow #ramona KUSI News

Posted by Allie Wagner on Thursday, December 6, 2018

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