Young La Jolla surfer chased out of water by lifeguards for violating beach closure orders

LA JOLLA (KUSI) – Amid the coronavirus pandemic, all San Diego County beaches are completely closed.

Last week, KUSI interviewed one surfer who protested beach closures with signs that read, “Commies can’t surf,” and “Give me waves or give me COVID.” As we continue with what some would call an excessive lockdown to slow the spread of coronavirus in our community, more and more people are beginning to show frustration with not being able to enjoy the things they normally like to do.

Thursday evening, two surfers risked the $1,000 fine to get some exercise, and catch some waves at Windandsea beach in La Jolla. Only one surfer was captured on video, but lifeguards told them to get out of the ocean and leave the beach, which is what we see happening. The surfer got out and ran away.

What people online quickly pointed out, was that there were dozens of people watching this young man go surfing in an empty ocean, who were not obeying social distancing guideline.

KUSI’s Dan Plante spoke with the surfer, the man who captured the event on video, and San Diego Mayoral candidate Barbara Bry about the incident, all of whom agree surfing can be done while following the social distancing protocols.

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