‘Your Voice Has Power’ group protests release of serial rapist Alvin Quarles

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – A decision to close a hearing for a notorious, serial rapist, drew a protest at the County Courthouse. It’s among the many decisions involved the rapist that have frustrated and angered the man’s victims, along with their family members and supporters.

The signs held up by the group calling themselves, “Your Voice Has Power,” included the words “closed doors won’t shut us up.”  The tape over the protestors’ mouths included the words, “don’t silence me.”

Thanks to the fears of victims and a rural San Diego County community, not to mention the machinations going on in the courtroom of Judge David Gill, the name Alvin Quarles is a familiar one.  That’s even without the nickname that law enforcement has pinned on him, the “Bolder Than Most Rapist.”
During yet another hearing for the man convicted of raping 10 women in San Diego over four years, Judge Gill has again closed the proceeding to the public and the media.

The tortured history of Quarles’s effort to be released from a State hospital after serving 25 years of a 50 year sentence includes Judge Gill signing off on a home in Jacumba Hot Springs.  But when the residence became unavailable, the case’s history got a whole lot longer.

The victims asked the D.A. to get involved again.   The District Attorney asked the Judge to review his decision.  That’s when he ordered a new medical and psychiatric evaluation of Quarles from Coalinga State Hospital.  The closed proceedings involve it’s confidentiality.

Quarles victim Mary Taylor:  “Since that report arrived, everything has been held in secret.  The report is sealed, the hearings have been sealed.  It’s so secret they won’t even tell us who is testifying, let alone allow us to be in the courtroom.”

The hearing is expected to last through Friday.  Judge Gill will apparently announce a decision next Monday.



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