Youth Equestrian Champion Savannah Adams

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – At the age of 4 Savannah Adams had already caught the bug. She loved horses. By the age of 7 she was riding and competing. At 13 Savannah has qualified to one the the largest shows, the World Championship Horse Show in Louisville, Kentucky.

The show will feature competitors from all over the world in the style of saddle seat. To qualify for the event isn't easy.

"The last show was Charity Fair in Del Mar. You would have to qualify with a 1st through 4th in one of the classes. And I won one of them. In the championship it was a class of 13 riders. I never even thought I would have a chance. They called my name for champion. It was amazing," says Adams.

Even though the competition in Kentucky will be the best of the best Savannah has set a goal. She is hoping to finish in the top five.

"It would be a crazy adventure if I got first," says Adams about the expectations.

This definitely is just the start of Savannah's equestrian career. She has many more plans for more shows. Regardless of how she places she definitely will be around the animals for the rest of her life.

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