Zimbabwean officials want to extradite Minnesotan man responsible for death of iconic lion

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The death of an iconic African lion has led to global outrage at the Minnesotan dentist who admits to killing Cecil and who has now disappeared.

Dr. Walter Palmer allegedly paid $50,000 this month to kill the lion with a bow and arrow near a national park in western Zimbabwe. 

Palmers' local guides go to trial next week. If guilty of poaching, they could spend 10 years in one of Zimbabwe's notorious prisons.

Their lawyer say they're innocent and Palmer says he is too. He said he depended on the expertise of his guides 

But now, he could faced the law as well.

Zimbabwean officials are working to extradite him. 

A White House petition requesting Palmer be extradited to the African nation to face justice earned enough signatures to get a response from the Obama Administration.

The petition needed to get 100,000 signatures by August 27th to get a response. The petition had nearly 150,000 signatures by early Friday morning.

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